Celebration for the 60th wedding anniversary of
Marielle and Richard Toupin

60 years of marriage is an accomplishment that we could let go by unnoticed. This is why, at Seaway Swingers, on November 18, 2014, we have decided to celebrate, simply, but with joy and sincerity.
Marielle and Richard have been members of Seaway Swingers for almost 30 years and their devotion to the club has always been exemplary. Be it as angels for the class, helping in the kitchen for our special dances and on many occasions that would take too long to enumerate, they have always been present and are still today.
Marielle and Richard, to all of us at Seaway, you are models, and for this, we will never be thankful enough.
Congratulations for this beautiful journey which is now going through its 60th year, and which, it our wish for you, has many more good ones to come!

Happy Anniversary!

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