Modern Square Dancing in the World

In the past 60 years, square dancing has evolved from a local country style festive event to an all out social activity. While in the old days, the calls were devised and danced differently from town to town, from region to region, they have now been standardized in the english language under the supervision of international associations like CALLERLAB and American Callers Association. So what you learn and dance here is the same that German, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese and many other dancers also learn and dance. You can therefore travel the world and visit local clubs to fraternize and share the pleasure of square dancing.

Let us take a brief tour of some clubs around the world.

Square Dance in France

Square Dance in the Czech Republic

Square Dance in the Netherlands

Square Dance in the UK

Square Dance in Japan

Square Dance in Switzerland

Square Dance in the United States

Square Dance in Canada

Square Dance in Denmark