A year of Square Dancing at Seaway Swingers



Fun Nights

Square dancing at Seaway is a year long party. It starts early in September with our fun nights. These are evenings of free introduction to Modern Square Dancing where anybody from 16 to 99 years old is invited to discover the advantages of this social activity. Our experienced dancers will guide you through the first simple figures or "calls". After you realize how easy and enjoyable it is to learn, you can enroll in our classes which will lead you to Graduation Day next April.

Halloween Night

This is the first theme night of the year where everyone is invited to wear their best and scariest disguisement. See our photos to get an idea.

Guy Fawkes

At Seaway, Guy Fawkes is traditionnally a major celebration. Guy Fawkes is a historical british personage whose life and actions have been turned into a legend, making him a scary character for british children. A short enactment and reading as well as decoration of the hall complement the dancing. The afternoon ends with a succulent meat pie meal and trifle dessert.

Class Bash

We are now reaching into December. Our class students have been working hard since September and it is time for them to share what they have learned with other clubs classes as well as with experienced dancers. This is the purpose of the Class Bash dance. Big party, big fun for all.

Christmas Supper and Dance

This theme night marks the end of the first half of our dancing year. It starts with a community supper to which every member contributed a plate; attire and decoration are in the traditional Christmas colors, red and green. And not to be missed, Santa Claus stops over to pay us a visit. The perfect occasion to exchange sincere wishes at this high time of the year.

Valentine Dance

This theme night is ideal to celebrate the love and friendship that square dancing brings to all of us. Red attire and decorations are in favour; a beautiful and tasty heart shaped cake will titillate your taste buds. A true warming event in the middle of the cold season.

Melting Snow Dance

At last! Spring is getting close. The sun is warming up the earth. And snow has started to melt. What a good time to celebrate! This special dance calls upon all square dancers to join in and have a ball. And symbolically, good vanilla ice cream is served for dessert, concluding a great Saturday afternoon.

St Patrick's Dance

Of course St Patrick's cannot go by without a celebration of its own; this theme night invites you to wear green and to dance to the music of some traditional irish songs. Watch out for leprechauns!

Graduation Dance

Finally, our class has completed the whole curriculum for the Mainstream level of Square Dance and are ready to join the club as full privileged members. This special dance is theirs. In this official ceremony, they will be crowned graduate mainstream square dancers. The whole dancing community is present to accompany and congratulate them for this achievement. Of course, a graduation cake closes the afternoon.

Country Night

Howdy, cowgirls and cowboys! Wear your best country style attire and park your horse; come on in for a great evening of square dancing in the barn. A most popular theme night.

Last Supper and Dance

Well, the dancing year has zipped by and is already over. It is time for the Summer break. All club dancers join in for a friendly supper which then flows into the last dance evening. Another enjoyable year has come to a close.